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March 3, 2020

We Are Building More Stuff: How Internet Creations is Empowering #AwesomeAdmins

Internet Creations recently posted a “State of the Product Address,” a webinar devoted to exploring recent enterprise efforts to capture customer feedback as well as the related product upgrades inspired by the feedback.
January 17, 2020

What Are You Hearing? How to Improve the Feedback Experience

True feedback is about listening. As Annette Franz, an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader and founder and Chief Experience Officer of CX Journey, says: “Listening includes hearing, and then doing something with what you hear.”
September 18, 2019

Internet Creations Announces New Release of Simple Survey App for Salesforce

From the design to survey, the new Simple Survey promotes simplicity and ease.
June 12, 2017
Coaching with employee feedback

Use your customer feedback to be the coach your employees deserve

March 23, 2017
Simple Survey

4 Ways Simple Survey Increases Response Rates

January 12, 2017

The Votes are in, and you Decided: Our Holiday Swag was on Point!

October 25, 2016
Simple Survey and Geopointe Webinar

Map your Success with Customer Satisfaction Data – with Simple Survey & Geopointe

June 22, 2016

Customer Feedback is Critical but Survey Abandonment is Rampant

August 7, 2015
guy experiencing survey fatigue

To Avoid Survey Fatigue, Survey Others as You Would Have Them Survey You

April 1, 2014
simple survey for salesforce

Huge crowds await the new release of Simple Survey for Salesforce

February 14, 2014
E2CP - Valentine

Will you be our Valentine? 5 AppExchange Pick-Up Lines