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Coaching with employee feedback

Use your customer feedback to be the coach your employees deserve

Surveying your customers after they’ve had an interaction with your company is a great way to get real-time feedback on your products and services. But what are you doing with the survey responses? If you’re not implementing them into how you coach your team, you’re not taking full advantage of their potential for impact. Your customers are […]


The rise and fall—and rise again—of the Trusted Advisor

In the last few months of 2001, three professional services consultants—David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford—published a smallish, unassuming book called the Trusted Advisor. In it they come to a less than ground-shaking conclusion: that nobody can become successful in business unless they first gain the confidence of their clients. Not rocket science by […]


Top Reasons Why It’s Time to Embrace the (Fully Loaded) Salesforce Console

Between Live Agent capabilities, Knowledge sidebars and exciting Visualforce components, there are many reasons to embrace the loaded Salesforce console for Service Cloud. Not quite there yet? Do you need buy-in from decision-makers who don’t quite understand the value and incredible positive impact the console will have on both agent and customer experiences? Or, if you are new […]


LOGICNow Goes 2 for 2, Improving Client Satisfaction while Reducing Support Calls

ROI on Coveo Implementation Recouped in First Quarter When the help desk phone rings or the inbox fills with customer inquiries, forward-thinking companies do everything possible to jump on those requests to keep customer satisfaction scores high. However, lack of a self-help system at LOGICnow created a backlog of support tickets. The company’s support desk […]

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4 Surefire Ways to Make Your Customers Happy

In this fourth installment of our Operational Efficiency blog series, we explore the impact a great customer experience has on a company’s bottom line. Exceeding customer expectations is the ultimate goal. No customers? No bottom line at all. Salesforce, as we’ve seen in the first three articles in this series, is a go-to solution for […]