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Prepare for the Future of Work with Surveys

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the world upside down and people are struggling to adapt both in their personal and professional lives. Stress, uncertainty, and isolation have a negative impact on everyone — including the members of your team! 

It’s now more important than ever to be surveying your employees to show empathy, encourage engagement, and support your team.

Showing Empathy

Internal surveys go a long way to show empathy to your employees and let them know that you’re taking their needs seriously. Surveying acknowledges the stress that people are facing and reinforces that you care about them as a part of the company.

Keeping Engagement High

Nothing keeps employees engaged quite like the feeling that they are valued and appreciated. Empathy is a major key to that. It isn’t unusual for corporations to show empathy through PR initiatives, but it is also critical to show empathy at the employee level, meaning employee concerns and well-being are considered during decision-making processes. You can demonstrate this through surveying. Not only does surveying demonstrate empathy, but it can also maintain privacy and employee trust. 

In fact, 93% of employees say that they are more likely to stay with an empathetic employer and 76% say that empathy from their employer is a driver for productivity, according to the 2019 State of Workplace Empathy report.

Informing Support Programs

Another major reason to survey employees is to help inform support programs and other initiatives. We can guess all day about how someone is feeling or how to help someone with a problem, but it’s always better just to ask. Even the NSC agrees that surveying your employees now is critical to understanding employee needs and inform safety management and support programs. Introducing a regular cadence, such as a weekly check-in, can ensure you’re aware of any changes or new trends.

Keeping Surveys Simple

Shorter Surveys = Higher Response Rates

You want to make sure you aren’t spamming employees with long, tedious questionnaires. Keeping surveys short and simple is key to higher response rates. Why do higher response rates matter? They lead to more data, which leads to smarter decisions, which leads to better outcomes.

Simple Survey for Salesforce provides a better, simpler way to survey your employees. It’s an affordable application that is 100% native to the Salesforce platform. It can record responses in real-time, including partial responses, and Salesforce automation can be leveraged to inform managers if concerning responses are received. It is also customizable so employees receive a survey fully branded for your company.

Short, simple surveys ensureensures higher response rates. Using Skip Logic, it keeps questions personal, relevant and brief. Learn more about Skip Logic by listening to our On-Demand Webinar.

Simpler Surveys are Easier to Create and Administer

Another great benefit of Simple Survey for Salesforce is that surveys are extremely easy to create and manage. There’s a great benefit to surveying employees but you also don’t want more overhead for admins. Simple Survey has a convenient Survey Template Builder and a guided Survey Builder that makes creating surveys fast and easy. But don’t just take it from us:

“The Survey Template Builder is an elegant tool [that] simplifies the process of creating surveys with different question sets.” 

– Keven Hsieh, Business Systems Analyst at Cepheid

If you want to learn more about Simple Survey and see how it can help with internal surveys, you can sign up for a demo or get a limited-time 60-day trial from the AppExchange!

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