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IT Pros, Business Gurus, etc.: How Salesforce Admins Bring Them All Together

In companies using Salesforce, business people are focused on the bottom line while IT professionals want to develop and enhance technology solutions. The two groups are working side-by-side toward the same end goal, but they are also at odds with each other, rarely operating in concert. They don’t speak the same “language;” decision-makers speak in terms […]

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Salesforce Trailhead Review: Admin Beginner Trail

This post is part 8 of 8 in the series Salesforce Trailhead Reviews

Editor’s Note: Every other Friday, Internet Creations employees of all levels of Salesforce expertise will share their experiences with Trailhead trails and modules to help you get the most out of your Trailhead time. In this review, Alex Liston, Sales Development Representative at Internet Creations, provides her perspective on the Admin Beginner trail. (more…)

Salesforce Chatter: Where, When, and Why?

Connection, Collaboration, and Org-Wide Sharing Internal communication within an enterprise happens in a variety of ways. Take a moment to browse through your Email inbox, notes scattered across your desk, or voicemails on your company phone. Messages from managers and coworkers pile up in multiple locations, and contain everything from project completion notices to attached […]

Salesforce Reports

Create Killer Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce

I’m sure most of you Admins out there have heard once or twice how important it is to create useful Reports and Dashboards to measure your company’s data. Ensuring your executives are in-the-know is crucial, and Salesforce makes this quite easy for you– that is, if you’ve got the tricks. Starting out with the correct […]