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salesforce ideas

Implementing Email Notifications for Salesforce Ideas

Engaging customers to guide your company’s roadmap is an excellent way to gain insights and to show the people you do business with that they’re valued. Implementing Salesforce Ideas is a great first step, especially given the ease of doing so with Communities. Unfortunately, there is not strong support for notifications about updates to Ideas, […]


Control Your World Using the Salesforce1 Platform (IoT)

I had a really great time presenting Control Your World Using the Salesforce1 Platform (IoT) at the Developer Zone during Dreamforce 2014.  If you missed it, I demonstrated: A 100% declarative example using IFTTT and a workflow email alert to turn on emergency lights that indicate a high priority case. A demo utilizing the REST […]

Salesforce Summer of Hacks

Judging a Salesforce Hackathon

This past July, hosted the Summer of Hacks, a series of hackathons hosted in New York City, Los Angeles, Bangalore, and London. Unlike prior hackathons, the Summer of Hacks encouraged participation from Salesforce Administrators and Developers as well as Graphic Designers and End Users. Salesforce enthusiasts were challenged to combine their collective skills and […]

Salesforce Knowledge Article

Knowledge Article Number Redirect

If you use the Salesforce Labs app for Public Knowledge Base then you’ve likely noticed the bulky URLs, something in the format of ‘/articles/Article-Type/Article-URL-Name’. This URL structure is great for SEO, but it’s not always necessary when sending a link directly to a colleague or customer. To make sharing articles easier, I created a Visualforce page […]