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Looking Back on 10 Years of Working with Salesforce

internet creations celebrates 10 years of using salesforce

At this year’s Dreamforce, Internet Creations was recognized for our 10+ years of working with Salesforce.

This acknowledgment is particularly meaningful for us. Partly because we’re Salesforce partners and we’re committed to helping other organizations benefit from the power of the platform. But more importantly, because we started out as a Salesforce customer first and believe in everything it has to offer.

internet creations celebrates 10 years of working with salesforce

In 2004, when we made the decision to invest in Salesforce, we envisioned a “grand, unified system” to run every aspect of our operations. We needed a solid foundation on which to build the business. We sought a platform that would scale with us and that would provide greater ROI the more we grew.

Salesforce has delivered all that and more.

In 2004, Salesforce case management enabled us to provide even faster and more efficient service. In 2009, we streamlined sales and marketing in Salesforce. Finally, in 2013, we brought accounting onto Salesforce natively to fully realize our vision of a grand, unified system.

We gained tremendous efficiency by breaking down departmental silos and aligning the organization on a single platform. Today, Salesforce is the central hub of our entire organization.

Along the way, we often faced the decision of whether to build or buy solutions. When the Salesforce ecosystem was young, there weren’t many apps to buy, so we developed custom solutions to bridge the gaps between what we needed and what was available out of the box. And it followed that, as we built apps to meet our internal needs, the broader Salesforce community embraced our solutions as their own. We’re thrilled that our offerings today have grown to include over a dozen apps on the AppExchange that organizations of all sizes use to operate efficiently.

It’s been over 10 years since we first started using Salesforce, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the next 10 years hold—both as a customer and a partner.

Anthony Pica
Anthony Pica
Director, Marketing at Internet Creations