Eliminate Silos & Increase Efficiency by Bringing Your Accounting Team onto Salesforce

Eliminate Silos & Increase Efficiency by Bringing Your Accounting Team onto Salesforce

Salesforce Accounting

Salesforce has revolutionized how marketing, sales, and customer service teams engage, manage, and solve their customers’ needs. Organizations of all sizes are able to operate more efficiently, collaborate more across departments, and do more with less resources. But wait… where is Accounting?

Often overlooked and siloed from rest of the business, the Accounting department usually finds itself ostracized to their own separate systems that specialize in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. Executives and managers have to jump through hoops to get critical data to run their divisions or teams. Accounting has to navigate between multiple systems, sometimes manually transferring critical data, which is prone to human error. Providing customers’ financial data via communities and portals is a technical challenge with siloed systems.

What if I told you that your Accounting team can also leverage the power of the Salesforce1 platform? 

Accounting-SeedAs the Controller for a Salesforce Professional Services company, I’ve experienced the archaic days of working in a vacuum. Not any more! Leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 platform and Accounting Seed, a native Salesforce accounting package, my Accounting department now engages and collaborates more effectively with other departments as well as customers!

We no longer bounce back and forth between systems. There is no double entry or missing line items from opportunities to invoices. Critical accounting functions, like invoicing and collections, are streamlined and more efficient. Not only are closed-won opportunities automatically turned into invoices, the Account Executive can easily see when it was sent and when payment was received. Using workflow rules, customers are automatically sent invoice payment reminders and tasks are scheduled for collection calls when needed. Chatter enables the Accounting department to easily collaborate to ensure payments are received on time and customers are receiving the service promised.

Moving our Accounting department to Salesforce has dramatically improved our operational efficiency across the entire business. Today, I can easily create, run, and share customized reports for a variety of audiences, such as our CEO, department heads, and project managers. By leveraging standard Salesforce functionality, I can set up specific dashboards filled with meaningful data that enable directors and users, including Project Managers, to make informed business decisions. The flexible security capabilities of the Salesforce1 platform now extend to accounting data so all levels of the organization can see just the right level of financial information for their role. And our most important constituent, our customers, can log into our customer community and securely access real-time financial data and download financial documents like invoices and credit memos.

So where is your Accounting team? At Internet Creations, Accounting is running alongside our Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support teams on Salesforce!