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When Time is Money, Aligning Your Resources to Improve Efficiency and Productivity is Paramount

Enter the Salesforce Customer Community At Internet Creations, helping customers increase operational efficiency so they can scale effectively is extremely important. In an effort to achieve these goals, the company makes sure that excellent customer experience is always top-of-mind, says CEO Chad Meyer. “Making every aspect of the customer relationship available online and easy to […]

Using Hover Help Text in Visualforce

The Problem When you enter Help Text into any field in Salesforce, the user is able to view it by hovering their mouse cursor over the field’s icon in a standard view page. But how can you access that help text in a Visualforce page? The Solution The easiest solution is to use the helpText […]

Salesforce for Government

Exactly how “secure” is Salesforce.com’s CRM platform, do you ask? Well, it’s trusted enough to guide the business of federal, state and local government into the social era. As appropriately discussed at Cloudforce Washington on April 25, 2012, Salesforce.com has unveiled a new product suite called Government Cloud. Simply stated, it is a version of […]

Managing a Salesforce Implementation: Tips from Around the Internet

Project Management tools and tips are a hot commodity in the Salesforce Consulting community. While each consulting partner has their own methodology, some project managers may still be questioning: “Is there an easier way?” Importance of a PM Overseeing a Salesforce implementation from start to finish can be a daunting task. Many factors contribute to […]

Google+ for [small] Businesses

Why Google+? The main question that comes to mind when a Social Networking channel opens its doors to the business world is, “How will this benefit our company?” Google+ has been eliciting the same response ever since they announced their Pages for Businesses in 2011– especially from companies with less than 50 employees. Small businesses […]