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When Time is Money, Aligning Your Resources to Improve Efficiency and Productivity is Paramount

Salesforce community cloud

Salesforce community cloud

Enter the Salesforce Customer Community

At Internet Creations, helping customers increase operational efficiency so they can scale effectively is extremely important. In an effort to achieve these goals, the company makes sure that excellent customer experience is always top-of-mind, says CEO Chad Meyer. “Making every aspect of the customer relationship available online and easy to access is our top priority.”

Since knowledge is, of course, power, customers are welcome to search for the Salesforce-related answers they need in the hundreds of available Knowledge articles, release notes, FAQs, and troubleshooting articles. However, when additional assistance is required, or when Internet Creations wants to make sure its team and customers are aligned throughout projects, the Customer Community, built on the Community Cloud, is a great way for all members of a project to get on the same page.

“Everything they need to know is in the Customer Community,” says Meyer. Instead of emails flying back and forth, there’s a Chatter feed on every project record, so everyone involved, including account executives, development teams, customers and third-party vendors, can easily follow the conversations and be in lockstep. “This has been very successful because conversation is often disconnected from data. The community keeps everything in one place.”

In addition to making sure Internet Creations’ customers have answers to the questions and obtain assistance with the cloud-based CRM as needed, the company is also pleased that the Customer Community allows it to measure the type of value customers are getting from their AppExchange app investments.

A Salesforce Success Story, “Salesforce experts turn to Community Cloud to connect with customers and partners,” describes how Internet Creations makes the most of the resources offered within the Customer Community. As an example, Meyer explains how having quick access to information in the Customer Community helps his team answer customer questions faster and saves a lot of time internally, as well.  Read on…