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New blog series: Cloud Chat

Whether by choice or through encouragement from your employers, you’ve decided to begin using Salesforce to improve the way your business does work.

We understand how joining a network with millions of advanced users and administrators can make you feel as though you’re alone in a crowded room. There is no need to panic! The Salesforce platform provides all the help and tools you’ll need to point you toward success.

However, what you won’t easily find are honest testimonials from actual users and administrators who have only been on the platform for a short time.

What are they experiencing? How did they reach new milestones? What can I expect after using Salesforce for a few months? Is this really going to make me more productive?

As part of our commitment to providing the most relevant and up-to-date information to our readers, Internet Creations will post interviews conducted with new Salesforce users spanning all industries and job titles. Our Cloud Chat series will aim to answer some of your more difficult and thought-provoking questions to provide a real-life, personal perspective on what it’s like to be new in the cloud.

Stay tuned for our first post later this week!

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