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A Year Like No Other: Employees Vote Internet Creations an NJBiz Best Place to Work for 6th Consecutive Year!


On September 17 2020, the very best places to work in New Jersey gathered virtually in recognition of each company’s respective rank on the NJ Biz Best Places to Work list for 2020. Internet Creations celebrates 6 years on the NJBiz BPTW list, and it has made an intentional effort to keep the collaborative culture alive, in a year that has been like no other.

The IC team has always been known for its ability to be nimble in the face of a challenge, and the demands of adapting to a COVID-19 market was a tall order, that the company has risen to fill. CEO, Felisa Palagi told Forbes Magazine earlier this year:

“My job, now more than ever, is to communicate frequently and enable my team to act swiftly while challenging them to think differently. In the last few weeks, we blurred the lines of people’s roles and responsibilities to fully utilize employee talents, set up work from home environments with flexible working hours, established methods for remote socializing, delivered daily company updates, rolled out a global pandemic business continuity plan, and improved countless business processes through our use of Salesforce… It’s been a huge change, but instead of panic and chaos, we’re seeing employee-led collaboration and incredible new ideas.” – Felisa Palagi, CEO Internet Creations

The company leverages Saleforce Chatter heavily in keeping transparent day-to-day communications active. It offers virtual happy hours plus other opportunities for employee connection outside of regular meetings, including affinity group discussions like FamilyTalk, Book Club, WomenSurge ERG, and morning “Coffee Talk” for those who want to engage in the conversation, or simply listen while they fire up their workday plan.

Named one of NJ’s Most Innovative Companies of 2019 by NJTC/Tech United, Internet Creations was also featured in a member spotlight earlier this year.

Interested in joining the IC team?! You can view all current open positions here!

Liz Angelucci Beggs
Liz Angelucci Beggs
Liz Angelucci Beggs
Liz is a communications and culture development professional, with 15 years of experience moving corporate initiatives forward at entrepreneurial B2B technology companies. Named a 2018 NJBiz Best Woman in Business.