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building a personal brand

Use Social Media to Build a Strong Personal Brand, Create Meaningful Dialogue among Salesforce Users

The first thing a company does (or should do!) when it opens its doors for business is take steps to create a “brand” and, subsequently, a strategy for brand recognition. It starts with a logo and possibly a tagline or mission statement. Salesforce has unmistakable brand recognition; the cloud logo is instantly recognizable. Behind every […]

Cloudforce NYC

4 Free Tools to Create Visual Content

One of the biggest social media trends in 2012 has been the use of visual content. Images and videos are incredibly popular on social media networks, and it’s only going to continue to grow throughout 2013. Two of the fastest rising social networks, Instagram and Pinterest, are both based on visual content. Twitter recently added […]

Facebook Advertising for Brand Pages

Facebook Advertising for Brand Pages – The Basics

Today more businesses are using Facebook in their social media strategies than any other network. A report last June from InSites Consulting surveying 1,222 company managers around the world showed that 80 percent of American companies are on Facebook, compared to just 45 percent that have a Twitter account. If Facebook’s current growth rate continues, […]

Social Media at Trade Show

Social Media Strategy for Trade Shows

Attending a trade show is a huge investment for any business, however it can be one of the most valuable marketing opportunities around. All companies face the challenge of creating an impression so people remember them and not their competitors. A successful social media strategy can help you make that lasting impression and could be […]