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Using Social Media to Build Brand Awareness: Part I

What is it, and can it be measured?

So, your small business has decided to make some Social Media efforts to get your name out, in the hopes that this influence will bring more sales leads. Good call. At some point in laying the groundwork for your social strategy, at least one executive or manager will scratch their head at the question of a measurable ROI.

No need to be discouraged. While we know the first step in forming a strategy is determining your goals, the simple mission of building brand awareness is one that will bring many short and long-term advantages. And alas! It can be measured… well, to an extent.

In Part I of this blog post, we will outline a few specific Social Media tactics we’ve taken a stab at, and describe their added benefits. We hope that these tips will help shape your roadmap toward the future of the Social Enterprise.

Tweet @ the top ‘tweeps’

How it works

  • Use the Twitter “Who to follow” tab to browse interests by topic, and discover the most popular and influential users in your industry.
  • Utilize the “Lists” tool to group all these users, and monitor their conversations. Get involved when you can.
  • Have a voice, personality, and opinion that is all your own. This will establish your brand as something more than just a name or a logo.
What you’ll gain
  • These influential users on Twitter will respond to you and start to take interest in your content and opinions.
  • No need for forceful attempts or sales jargon; they will become curious and explore the products and services you offer.
  • If any users find your products and services useful, they will suggest your offerings to their multitude of followers, and the positive message will spread.

Host a Facebook contest

How it works
  • Use an already established means of communication (Twitter, email blasts, your blog) to spread the word that you’re giving something away in return for some sort of action on Facebook.
  • Offer a discount on a product, or something of value to your current and potential customers who are not yet following your company’s Facebook page.
  • Utilize teamwork across different departments for maximum involvement and to help spread the word to the masses.
What you’ll gain
  • This is a great way to boost your amount of followers, and thus your social “reach,” or how many people your content can influence.
  • Customers will want to keep an eye on your posts and status updates for the next contest or giveaway offering.
  • Open the door for customers to start making conversation on your Facebook wall.

Blog your honest opinions

How it works
  • Create a blog using whichever platform your company prefers, and spread word of it to your current customers and friends/followers in the industry.
  • Take a stance, and voice your opinions on all issues relating to your main topic. Include anything newsworthy, and even controversial when necessary.
  • Invite readers to leave comments by asking open-ended questions, and share these questions along with a link to your blog on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.
What you’ll gain
  • Your readers will respect your views and honesty, and begin to pay attention to your posts and future content.
  • Social Media users will notice your authenticity, which will build trust in your products, services, and customer support.
  • By being honest with the public, they will want to return the favor. This will come in handy when asking for opinions and ideas for new product releases and feature updates, etc.
There are many points and tips we could add to this list, but we’d rather hear your opinions. What Social Media and communication tactics have you attempted in the past few months? What has worked, and what hasn’t?
Leave us a comment, shoot over an email, or look for Internet Creations on Twitter and Facebook.
Stay tuned for Part II, where we’ll provide more specific techniques and ways to measure success from the perspective of a Salesforce Consulting Partner, and provider of apps of the AppExchange. 
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