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Cloudforce NYC

4 Free Tools to Create Visual Content

One of the biggest social media trends in 2012 has been the use of visual content. Images and videos are incredibly popular on social media networks, and it’s only going to continue to grow throughout 2013. Two of the fastest rising social networks, Instagram and Pinterest, are both based on visual content. Twitter recently added […]

Salesforce for Government

Exactly how “secure” is Salesforce.com’s CRM platform, do you ask? Well, it’s trusted enough to guide the business of federal, state and local government into the social era. As appropriately discussed at Cloudforce Washington on April 25, 2012, Salesforce.com has unveiled a new product suite called Government Cloud. Simply stated, it is a version of […]

Google+ for [small] Businesses

Why Google+? The main question that comes to mind when a Social Networking channel opens its doors to the business world is, “How will this benefit our company?” Google+ has been eliciting the same response ever since they announced their Pages for Businesses in 2011– especially from companies with less than 50 employees. Small businesses […]