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Salesforce AppExchange hits 3 Million Installs, Internet Creations Empowers 15,000 Service Agents

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The Salesforce AppExchange is the premier destination for business apps. Over 2,700 apps for Salesforce are provided by independent software vendors (ISVs) like Internet Creations. Organizations of all sizes can extend and enhance Salesforce by installing turnkey solutions from 30+ categories, such as Accounting, Marketing, and Customer Service. As a matter of fact, the AppExchange recently hit a milestone of 3 million installs!

The Salesforce AppExchange hit 3 million installs in April 2015.

Five years after it launched in 2006, the AppExchange reached 1 million installs. That number doubled just two years later in 2013. This new milestone of 3 million installs is proof that the Salesforce ecosystem is thriving, and there’s no sign that the growth is slowing down. Developers continue to leverage the power, flexibility, and security of the Salesforce Platform to build solutions in the cloud. And businesses continue to improve their operations without having to reinvent the wheel.

Build vs Buy

How did the AppExchange impact Internet Creations?

In 2004 (before the AppExchange existed), Internet Creations implemented Salesforce as part of an initiative to operate more efficiently and provide better customer service in our IT consulting practice. Soon after, the entire company recognized the power and flexibility of the platform. Our IT technicians and service agents began to propose new ideas—using the Salesforce Ideas app—for ways to do things even better. We polished and prioritized the ideas, and our team of developers built solutions that cut clicks and saved time. The result: happy employees which translates into happier customers.

After a couple years of innovating our business processes on the Salesforce Platform, the Salesforce community became increasingly interested in having us help them do the same. We packaged our customer service solutions and released them on the AppExchange for the benefit of other organizations. We didn’t set out to be a Salesforce partner, but customer demand combined with the Salesforce AppExchange provided a new market opportunity.

Internet Creations empowers 15,000+ service agents worldwide.

Fast-forward to April 2015 when the 3 millionth app for Salesforce was installed, a time when Internet Creations offers a dozen enterprise solutions through the AppExchange marketplace.

Our suite of 100% native Customer Service & Agent Productivity solutions, commonly referred to as the Case Management Power Pack for Salesforce, empowers organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 100, to deliver world-class service with Salesforce.
Case Management Power Pack

“Great app for efficiency and customer experience”
Cassie England , Sr. Manager, US Client Services at Bazaarvoice, Inc.

The Case Management Power Pack for Salesforce, which includes our flagship app, Email to Case Premium, as well as other efficiency-boosting apps like Case Flags, Case Merge Premium, and Simple Survey for Salesforce, reduces clicks and improves productivity for over 15,000 service agents, saving their organizations millions of dollars every year.

“Email to Case Premium is an exceptional tool that is helping us WOW our clients!”
Ken Piaggio, VP Professional Services at Syscon Justice Systems

The new currency of business is speed.

Organizations must move fast and do more with less in today’s competitive environment.

When it comes to Salesforce, the considerations for “building vs buying” are very different from other cloud or on-premise platforms. With native apps for Salesforce, you can customize and build upon them with all of the platform features you know and love.

For further reading, see the infographic on the 5 key considerations when deciding whether to build or buy a Salesforce solution.

Anthony Pica
Anthony Pica
Director, Marketing at Internet Creations