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Dreamforce Wrap-up 2019

With over 2,700 sessions at Dreamforce, we’ve narrowed it down to a few stand out moments and themes that Salesforce focused on throughout the week. All in all, Service and Sustainability efforts were out in front.

Human Centric Service

Customer expectations are evolving and that means that companies need to evolve, too. With the growth of voice-assistants and AI, there still needs to be a focus on that human connection.  Human-Centric Service is the idea that customer support agents and companies should focus on customers as people first, and seek to deliver a personalized and empathetic experience. It’s founded on building trusted relationships. This shift is an opportunity for businesses to move away from swatting down issues and serve as a trusted resource for customers, thus improving loyalty.

In practice, this stems from improving the agent experience and giving them the tools they need to deliver that exceptional experience to customers. There are tools for that


This year, Salesforce put a major focus on Sustainability Cloud, a carbon accounting product for businesses to drive climate action and move towards carbon neutrality. There were eco-friendly swag options, a climate summit, bike pedalers to take attendees around campus, and a few other initiatives like 100% compostable lunch packing.

Customer 360 & Mobile

The improved Salesforce Customer 360 Platform was another big focus at Dreamforce this year. Its main purpose is to break down silos between Sales, Marketing, Commerce, etc. to improve productivity for employees across the business.

Salesforce also launched a newly redesigned Salesforce Mobile App, that gives users faster access to the apps they use most and it is uses Einstein Voice Assistant, giving users the ability to make updates and get relevant information on the go.  Get familiar with the app by doing this Trailhead module.

Lightning Service

Whether you’re currently using Salesforce Lightning or about to migrate, there are always ways to improve the agent experience. Set goals for your team to move beyond simple feature parity but rather actually improving. Improving functionality between four key service pillars: responsiveness, utilization, personalization, and feedback – all in Salesforce Lightning is a great step towards that human centric service. You can watch the video here.

Today’s customers want consistent, personalized experiences from wherever they’re interacting with your brand. Reimagining the customer experience requires empowering both your employees and customers. When employees have the resources they need to succeed, they, in turn, take care to “wow” customers at every turn.

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