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Dreamforce 2019: A Survival Guide for Success

Dreamforce Survival Guide

Dreamforce is less than a month away and it can be a lot to decide how best to tackle a week packed full of learning, networking, and fun. Here’s a list of some of our favorite tips from Dreamforce pros on how to get the most out of this epic event.

1. Pack for Success

“Bring a jacket, it gets chilly at night. Each year I find myself shopping for a new one, let this be the year I remember to pack one of my Dreamforce jackets” – Chad Meyer, CEO

“Remember you might have nighttime events to attend. Bring a change of clothes for that because your day clothes will be stinky!” – Becky Potts, PMO Manager

Don’t forget those comfortable shoes. You’ll be spending hours on your feet, traveling from session to session, walking the floor, and exploring the great city of San Francisco. You may want to be stylish when you catch up with your Salesforce Ohana, but sacrificing style over comfort may be worth it at the end of a long day. Dreamforce might not be the place to break in those new shoes.

You’ll be out and about almost all day and your phone battery is likely to lose juice. Bring an extra battery pack to avoid getting stuck connected to an outlet when there is so much learning to do!

Pack a bigger bag than you need. There is so much swag to collect and you want to have room for that new Astro plush you’ve earned.

2. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Director of Professional Services, Dan Leibowitz, has been going to Dreamforce for years and this tip is solid: “Go with a theme. Each year I’ve gone, I’ve focused on something in particular (networking, learning XYZ, talking to other customers to see how they are handling X, selling Y). Without a focus, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.”

“When building your schedule with sessions, keep location in mind with respect to session start time.” – Salesforce Consultant, Leslie Anasco

3. Don’t Burn Out

Take vitamins, pack a travel-sized hand sanitizer bottle to kick germs to the curb, and drink plenty of water. 

Travel can affect even the healthiest of people. You’ll be shaking hands and taking names, so make sure you don’t take germs with you as well.

And speaking of drinking, Dreamforce parties are fun, just be careful not to have too much fun. You want to be firing on all cylinders every day and hangovers are just never helpful.

4. Don’t forget the Trail Mix

Director of Sales, George Guhr, brushes up on his Trailhead skills on the flight to San Francisco every year. Trailhead offers special modules just for Dreamforce.

5. Network, learn, and grow

“Bring extra business cards” – Product Manager, Joe Reale

If you’re working on your networking skills, Dreamforce is the place to do it. The Salesforce Ohana is welcoming and always looking to add more to the fold.

Network, learn, and grow with IC. The Internet Creations team will be taking over the Third Street Tap Room all week at Dreamforce giving you a place to refuel, recharge, and take your customer service to the next level. We’d love to show you how other companies have tailored Salesforce to create better experiences for their customers.

Meet with us while you’re there and get some sweet VIP swag along with a chance to win the new Apple Watch. 

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