Keep your identity safe with Two-Factor Authentication

This post is part 4 of 4 in the series Cyber Security Basics

Cyber security is sounding more and more like a buzzword these days. You hear about it on the nightly news, from your politicians, and even your neighbor. But it’s never been more important. While we don’t want to instill any fear into your mind, we do want you to be armed for success in case […]

Coaching with employee feedback

Use your customer feedback to be the coach your employees deserve

Surveying your customers after they’ve had an interaction with your company is a great way to get real-time feedback on your products and services. But what are you doing with the survey responses? If you’re not implementing them into how you coach your team, you’re not taking full advantage of their potential for impact. Your customers are […]


3 Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks like WannaCry

This post is part 3 of 4 in the series Cyber Security Basics

Most have heard that a potent malware threat has been recently discovered, called “WannaCry.” This type of malware is of the “CryptoLocker” variety — a virus that encrypts the files on your computer, and holds them as ransom (preventing you from accessing them) until you pay for a password to decrypt them. This specific malware […]

Improve your marketing campaign metrics with this free Salesforce app

Ask any marketer what their challenges are, and measuring campaign effectiveness will be in their top five. Salesforce automatically measures campaign influence on sales opportunities, but there’s a catch. At least one of the opportunity’s contact roles must be a campaign member, which means your users need to consistently add contacts and leads to campaigns. Campaign […]