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4 Reasons You Need a Salesforce Community

Salesforce Community CloudWhat is a community? It’s a group of people that share a common goal by definition. Sharing a common goal and engaging in a community can be a powerful way to connect with your life. So we have to ask, does your organization have an online community? If you don’t, consider this: a workplace community can offer the same sense of engagement that it offers in your personal life. A group of people rallied around a common mission, coming together to create, innovate, and take advantage of what you’re offering.

An online community connects you to those who matter most to your business. Create powerful self-help portals for your customers, close deals faster with your partners, and create transparency with your employees.

We live in a connected world. It’s time for your organization to get connected, too.


We’ve outlined four of the top reasons to add a Salesforce Community to your organization.

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty – The more you build relationships with your customers, the more loyal they’ll be to your brand. This means having their backs and getting them the answers they need fast. Self-help is part of that equation. An online community offers one place to get answers, empowering people to solve problems using a knowledge base, and peer forums. And when the issue is more complex, customers can open a support case right within the community. Your customers spend less time frustrated about their problem and more time enjoying what you have to offer.
  2. More Productive Service Agents – Once your customers are free to find answers to common questions on their own, your agents are free to focus on delivering the best possible experience to customers with more complicated issues. Your KPIs (key performance indicators) improve. Cases are deflected, there are reduced support calls, and faster case resolution.
  3. Improved Sales Process – When you’re a growing business, enlisting partners is key. But if you don’t have a centralized place for them to share data, access contacts, and collaborate, your revenue and relationships suffer. A centralized location that offers lead and data sharing means partners can close deals faster. And you can track revenue and collaborate on sales opportunities to reduce deal friction. You’re all working towards a common goal, why not make the process easier?
  4. Engaged Employees are Happier Employees – Create a workplace where employees can collaborate. Why limit collaboration to email? Communities give your employees a centralized place to share ideas, give feedback and keep projects on track. You create transparency between your employees and your organization with easy-to-find documents and more knowledge sharing.

Salesforce Community Cloud brings all of these reasons to life using the data that already lives in your Salesforce Org. It’s a connected experience that gives everyone in your organization access to the information they need when they need it.

Ready to learn more about what an online community can do for you?