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Improve your marketing campaign metrics with this free Salesforce app

Ask any marketer what their challenges are, and measuring campaign effectiveness will be in their top five.

Salesforce automatically measures campaign influence on sales opportunities, but there’s a catch. At least one of the opportunity’s contact roles must be a campaign member, which means your users need to consistently add contacts and leads to campaigns.

Campaign members can be added in bulk from a report or a list from a tradeshow, but what if you want to add only one campaign member?

When I invest in an event—such as a happy hour—I need our sales team to add people they talk with to a Salesforce campaign so I can measure the event ROI and facilitate a targeted follow-up strategy. Unfortunately, adding people to Salesforce campaigns is a tedious process.

After going to the contact or lead record, you have to:

1. Click the Add to Campaign button in the Campaign History related list
2. Update the Search Within filter
3. Type the name of the campaign
4. Click Go
5. Select your campaign
6. Click Save

Finding the right campaign is hit or miss, especially if your organization has a ton of them. The process is a little quicker in Lightning Experience, but still not fast enough to get your users consistently adding people to campaigns.

It’s been a challenge to measure campaign effectiveness and show ROI to our CEO.

Introducing Quick Add Campaign Member for Salesforce

I was walking past the kitchen one day when I heard our CEO say “Anthony, come here, I have an idea for you.” At first I was puzzled as he started doodling on our kitchen wall. But it soon became clear what I was witnessing. It was a solution to one of my top marketing challenges.

“I remember every time there was a big event, like Dreamforce, there was a big push for marketing to get our account executives to track who they’re talking to,” said Chad Meyer, CEO. “I looked at the user experience of adding campaign members. It was too hard, too many steps. Even doing it in the Salesforce1 mobile app was difficult. What could we do to make it easier? In a perfect world, how would I add somebody to a campaign?”

In a burst of creativity, Chad drew a mockup of a new Chatter publisher action.

Quick Add Campaign Member mockup

(Who needs a napkin when the walls are made of IdeaPaint?)

I brought Chad’s idea to our Salesforce R&D team, and a couple weeks later the new publisher action was ready to use. It’s conveniently at the top of every contact and lead record. Quick and easy. We’ve reduced six steps to three:

1. Click the Add to Campaign publisher action
2. Select your campaign
3. Click Save

It works on mobile too. Super useful when you’re in the field or on the go.

Quick Add Campaign Member

Keep it simple by showing only relevant campaigns

Like most organizations, we track lots of campaigns with complex hierarchies. “When somebody goes to add a campaign member, we can’t show every campaign in Salesforce,” Chad said. “Keep it simple by showing only relevant campaigns.”

We needed a flexible way to allow a marketing user to specify which campaigns are shown, but we didn’t want it to require code. It should be as maintenance-free as possible.

The solution? A report. A Salesforce admin creates report filters based on whatever criteria the marketing team wants. The results of the report determine which campaigns are available in the app. “You could build the report in a such a way that after X days, campaigns automatically disappear and nobody has to remember to update any settings,” said Chad. It’s entirely dynamic and doesn’t require code.

Quick Add Campaign Member report results

Just like the other AppExchange Apps we provide, this new app called Quick Add Campaign Member was born of our internal needs. The new and improved user experience has people adding campaign members consistently, and now I have better data to measure campaign influence on sales opportunities.

As of the Salesforce Spring ’17 release, here are the number of steps for individually adding campaign members:

  • Salesforce Classic: 6 step process
  • Salesforce Lightning: 5 step process
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App: 7 step process
  • Quick Add Campaign Member: 3 easy steps on both desktop and mobile 

Think your users might enjoy a quick and easy way to add contacts and leads to campaigns? Ask your Salesforce admin to install Quick Add Campaign Member. It’s available today for free.

Anthony Pica
Anthony Pica
Director, Marketing at Internet Creations