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Busy? This new feature of Signature Slayer for Salesforce will help

Are the attachment related lists on your Accounts cluttered with images?

Social media icons and logos in email signatures get added to Cases and are rolled up to the parent Account, creating cluttered attachment related lists. These images waste your staff’s time by prompting them to screen irrelevant attachments, impeding your agent’s ability to quickly resolve a customer’s case.

Eliminate the noise with Signature Slayer for Salesforce

Good news! You can save time and increase agent productivity by providing clean and manageable attachment related lists. With version 1.3 of Signature Slayer, you can empower your whole team to “slay” images. This increases the value of Signature Slayer tremendously because you’re crowdsourcing. This means:

  • More images are slayed faster.
  • You save time for your Salesforce Admins.
  • You have less clutter in your attachments related lists overall.

Managed Attached Images with Signature Slayer

Once your Salesforce Admin adds the new “Manage Attached Images” button to the page layout, authorized users can effortlessly contribute images to your global Hit List directly from a Case they’re working. Going forward, new instances of the contributed image(s) will be slayed automatically.

Give Signature Slayer a try today by visiting the AppExchange listing and clicking the “Get it Now” button.

Anthony Pica
Anthony Pica
Director, Marketing at Internet Creations