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Now That’s Something to Brag About…


“Thanks to Accounting Seed for Salesforce, we have grown our company 10-fold by adding zero, that’s ZERO, new financial employees.”

That’s what Internet Creations CEO Chad Meyer told Connected Leaders’ webinar attendees as he shared information about the extraordinary return on investment IC has enjoyed since implementing native-to-Salesforce Accounting Seed. Accounting Seed is a 100% native finance application for Salesforce that provides Internet Creations with a well-oiled revenue management system.

“We grew from a half-million-dollar company to a five million dollar company with just one person handling accounting,” Meyer continued. “Without a doubt, Accounting Seed is the second most valuable business investment we have made, second only to Salesforce itself.”

  • We’ve slashed accounts receivable delays by an average of five days
  • We’ve reduced accounts receivable defaults to 1/10 of one percent
  • “Thanks to incredible time-saving automation, financial tasks that used to take 15 steps and minutes before Accounting Seed now happen automatically, overnight, while people are sleeping,” Meyer said.

When the company wanted access to a more comprehensive collections and activity history, as well as a better audit trail, it turned to Accounting Seed for Salesforce. “The automation and self-service capabilities of Accounting Seed help our internal teams save time and be more efficient,” explained Anthony Pica, director of marketing at IC.

Project managers and sales staff can access important information without having to take time out of the accounting manager’s day. The company has automated collections, simplifying and improving accounts receivable processes with gentle reminder emails.

“By bringing accounting functions into its Salesforce org, the company was able to eliminate silos and enjoy benefits never before realized with previous accounting systems,” Mr. Pica said.

Further, the benefits of Accounting Seed extend to Internet Creations’ customers. Customers now have real-time access to their accounting matters online. Added Meyer: “If you look at how we run our accounting operation, you would see it is the envy of any business — large or small.”

If you are looking to accelerate accounts receivable, improve transparency while customizing visibility, and scale your company without having to hire more accounting department employees, it’s time to learn more about Accounting Seed for Salesforce. We would love the opportunity to explain how including finance in your Salesforce org will eliminate mundane and redundant tasks and improve overall org efficiency and productivity. Let’s talk. Email Internet Creations Sales Manager George Guhr for a no-pressure (we promise!) conversation about how we can help you take your Salesforce org to the next level of efficiency.

NOTE: If you are headed to Dreamforce in San Francisco Oct. 4-7, 2016, reserve some time with the Internet Creations team at ThirstyBear to learn more about the real difference native financial apps can make for your organization. Plus, there will be food and drink and a live presentation of Accounting Seed that promises to amaze.