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Welcome to Dreamforce: You Have Arrived


Internet Creations takes Dreamforce quite seriously and we plan on doing some serious learning and having some serious fun! To make the most of this exciting week in San Francisco at Salesforce’s annual convention, IC’s Dreamforce veterans have shared some advice to help make this your best Dreamforce ever.

  1. Be a Man/Woman with a Plan:

    What are your goals for the week at Dreamforce? With plans in mind, you can embrace the days ahead with purpose. Seek out a session geared toward news you can personally use. Have a specific Salesforce question or a business challenge you need assistance with solving? Stop by Thirsty Bear any day to chat with an expert from Internet Creations. Or, reserve some time now.

    Bonus Tip: Plan your schedule around some really exciting events. Consider some of our recommendations:

    • Stump the Salesforce Expert:
      Tuesday-Friday, Oct. 3-7 at Thirsty Bear

      Every company that reserves time with Internet Creations and tries to stump us with their Salesforce challenge will receive a fabulous mophie® powerstation*.
      Reserve your spot today.
    • Craft Drinks Lounge at Dreamforce 2016
      Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 6 PM

      Join Internet Creations and Chargent for craft cocktails, fine wines and craft beers at Dreamforce!
    • Payments Summit — featuring Internet Creations’ client First Alert.

      How does America’s #1 Most Trusted Brand in Home Safety deliver world-class service with Salesforce? Join Internet Creations CEO Chad Meyer to learn how First Alert uses Salesforce and Chargent to provide an extraordinary customer experience by first focusing on their employee experience in Salesforce.
      Register here.
    • Meet our MVP!
      Thursday, Oct. 6, from 2-4 PM at Thirsty Bear

      Internet Creations Business Analyst and Salesforce Consultant Rebecca Lammers will be on hand to answer your toughest SF questions. Don’t miss this chance to have face time with an MVP!
  2. Attitude counts

    It should almost go without saying that having a positive attitude is critically important. Same thing goes with wearing a smile!

    The bottom line is this: Make your best attempt to be outgoing and act like someone others should want to talk to!

  3. Network Like You Mean It

    While it may feel easier to hang out with people you know, you are certain never to meet anyone new that way. Instead, build your professional network and relationships by branching out. So, while it’s perfectly acceptable to tag team a room with co-workers; enter together, mingle, come back to each other to share info and make referrals and then dive back in — alone.

    3 Power Tips:

    • Don’t be shy; jump into networking head first! If there is a particular person you are looking to meet, follow them on social media because they will likely tweet and post throughout the week.
    • Brush up on your current events so that you can join any conversation and feel interesting.
    • Brush up on industry news such as a recent Salesforce acquisition. Understand the story so you can speak intelligently about it.
  4. Batter up!

    It’s important to be ready to make clear, concise, interesting introductions of yourself and your company. This is also known as an “elevator pitch.” Consider the amount of time you would have in an elevator to introduce yourself to a stranger. Now, be able to make that exact pitch when you approach someone in a networking situation.

  5. Exit, stage left

    Introduce yourself, exchange cards and move on. If the discussion is worth continuing, share business cards and/or set a time to meet/talk by phone in the coming weeks. Make sure you have a pen with you and make a note on the back of their business card to remind you why you wanted to reconnect.

    On a related note:
    If you see a colleague struggling to get out of a conversation, walk up and suggest that another colleague is looking for them so that they can exit the discussion gracefully.

  6. Eat, drink and be merry!

    Eat to stay energetic. Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle wherever you go. And while you should absolutely enjoy yourself throughout the conference, take time to recharge yourself physically.

    Speaking of recharging:
    Stop by Thirsty Bear throughout each day of Dreamforce to use Internet Creations’ charging station to recharge your tech devices. There will be plenty to eat and drink as well, just steps from the main Dreamforce action. Better yet, reserve some time to meet with our Salesforce experts at Thirsty Bear any day this week and you’ll get your own mophie® powerstation*.

*mophie® powerstations will be distributed while supplies last; one per company, please.

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