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Internet Creations Launches Case Split on’s AppExchange

Case Split

Case Split

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Internet Creations Launches Case Split on’s AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace

Salesforce users can now split unrelated issues into their own Cases.

HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY – July 3, 2013 – Internet Creations today announced it has launched Case Split on’s AppExchange. Service and support departments should follow a “one issue per case policy” to keep communication threads shorter and easier to follow, close cases faster, and ensure that KPIs (key performance indicators) are precise. Case Split allows users to follow such a policy.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s leading cloud platform for social and mobile business apps, Case Split is currently available on the AppExchange at

“Our support team follows a ‘one issue per case policy’, and as a result our KPIs are more accurate than ever. We’re able to easily monitor KPIs such as work effort (hours), time-to-close, and SLA adherence” — Chris Ferraro, Chief IT Architect, Internet Creations

Case Split allows service and support departments to manage scope creep within a case. When a customer introduces a new issue to an existing case, a new case should be created in order to stay organized, keep the original case on topic, and operate more efficiently. Support users simply click a new “Split” button and set values for the new case including subject and description.

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Anthony Pica
Anthony Pica
Director, Marketing at Internet Creations