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New Release: Email to Case Premium v.2.82

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve solved a few key issues from previous versions of our leading app, Email to Case Premium. In an effort to provide consistent and reliable service to our customers, we’re pleased to announce these updates. Review the improvements and details listed below.

Note that many of the changes are in response to an issue that took place in Salesforce’s Spring ’12 release. Click here to learn more.

Download version 2.82 on the AppExchange now!


  • Included Text templates use the E2CP__Case_Thread_Id__c field rather than the built-in Salesforce special merge field. This change was made because Salesforce changed the output of this field. This change will only affect new installations.
  • Support for the new Case Thread ID format released in Spring ’12. The old format is still supported.
  • The “View All Data” profile permission is no longer required to use the Setup Wizard
  • Removed the Self-Service Portal dependency for compatibility with future releases.

Bugs Fixed

  • Cloning a Canned Comment works as expected. Previously an edit was performed instead.
  • Loading the New Comment page would fail fue to a null value in the “Additional To” field

Contact us if you have any questions about the new release, or if you’d like to schedule a one-on-one demo.

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