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Is Case Merge Premium Still the Best Option for Merging Cases?

Salesforce recently announced the addition of Merge Cases, which is in open beta in the Summer ’19 release. This feature allows users to merge two or three cases and most related objects into one master case. Once you merge, the master case is updated with your chosen field values and duplicate cases are deleted.

What does the Merge Cases feature deliver?

I have been working with a pre-release org to better understand how Salesforce is merging cases. If you’ve merged a Lead or Account before, the Merge Cases functionality will be familiar. However, the features and specifications of Merge Cases and Case Merge Premium do differ in several important ways.

Our side-by-side comparison below examines these varying features and specifications. We also answer a few of the frequently asked questions we’ve received about this new Merge Case feature.

Case Merge Premium Comparison Chart

Merge Case is a welcome addition to the Salesforce platform. And when the feature is generally available, Salesforce may add to some of the specifications noted above.

Until then, Case Merge Premium offers Salesforce Admins a viable alternative that cures the common headaches of duplicate cases. 

With the current Merge Case specifications, for example, agents must search for duplicates manually. With Case Merge Premium, users can reveal duplicate cases with the click of a button, saving precious time and easing the service experience while amplifying productivity.

Case Merge Premium eases the management experience, too, enabling users to filter unnecessary cases out of metrics or reports, improving and clarifying KPIs like Average Handle Time and Resolution Time. 

Also, Case Merge Premium offers powerful, flexible configuration settings without the need to give users delete permissions, which may or may not be appropriate for a given service team. 

Finally, we know duplicate cases create confusion for both service teams and customers. When wading through a tangle of duplicate cases, agents may miss key information, or worse, several agents may end up working on the same case. With Case Merge Premium, customer replies go to the master case, reducing the clutter and streamlining workflow so each case is handled by a single agent. 

The result? Consistent customer experience from the first to last communication.

Want to see Case Merge Premium in action? Get a free duplicate scan to see how Case Merge Premium works.

Howard Yermish
Howard Yermish
Howard Yermish
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