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How a PMP Certification Can Innovate the Way We Manage Projects with Salesforce

Have you ever cooked something only to realize you over-salted it? Then added more ingredients to balance the flavor? This is an example of inspecting for quality rather than planning for quality. Wasted resources and delays are consequences of not planning ahead. Avoid these consequences with a recipe that indicates exactly what you need (more […]


Integrating Live Chat with Salesforce

At Internet Creations, we’ve done countless customizations and configurations in Salesforce, but one of my favorite products I’ve seen put into action recently is Live Agent. I thought it would be interesting to interview a couple of my co-workers that have participated in Live Chat implementations with me. Here is what I learned from Jamie […]

Salesforce Project Management

The Salesforce Platform for Project Management

Plan, track, schedule and monitor. These are all important tasks for a Project Manager. But how is Salesforce keeping up with the traditional desktop software many of us Project Managers are used to?  i.e. Microsoft Project and Plan Box. It is very likely that your company is running many of its departments out of Salesforce. […]