COVID-19: Working Together From Home - Archive of IC Blog

Many of us are working remotely and are in quarantine for the next few weeks (or more). Now is a great time to stay positive by learning new things.

As you adjust to your new routine, check out some Salesforce learning tools from the team at Internet Creations. We’ve compiled a list of webinars to make your time as interesting – and perhaps productive – as possible.

Looking to learn more about Community Cloud, Knowledge-Centered Service, or how to leverage Customer Feedback? We’ve got you covered.

Reducing Friction with Community Cloud

What you will learn: See how Community Cloud has changed in recent years and how it can help increase bandwidth for your team while decreasing headaches for your customers

Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in Salesforce

What you will learn: Learn tips and tricks for decluttering Service Cloud so your management team views only clean data and accurate metrics

Key Business Drivers for Embracing Knowledge-Centered Service

What you will learn: Learn why embracing KCS® principles improves case deflection metrics, as well as customer and employee satisfaction, while empowering self-service community initiatives, and reducing the burden (ahem… cost) of support.

TYSE Series “Transforming Your Service Experience” is a 4-Part Series exploring how top service leaders meet the demands of the connected customer.

Part 1: Proactive vs Reactive Support to Drive Success

What you will learn: How to identify support team needs and how proactive and reactive support teams work together to prevent issues before they happen (while quickly transferring issues to the right teams when they do happen)

Part 2: Building Customer Relationships through Personalization

What you will learn: Best practices for supporting customers through personalized experiences.

Part 3: Make Every Customer First Priority

What you will learn: How two Internet Creations’ customers move beyond “first in, first out” and what you can do to prevent your support processes from turning into a tennis match.

Part 4: Leveraging Customer Feedback

What you will learn: Customer experience experts, Annette Franz, founder of CX Journey Inc., and Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr, discuss how you can leverage customer feedback to meet your customer’s expanding needs.

We hope these webinars allay any cabin fever. Would you like to learn about a specific topic? Let us know!

Adrienne Lieberman