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Salesforce Trailhead Review: CRM Essentials

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Editor’s Note: Every other Friday, Internet Creations employees of all levels of Salesforce expertise will share their experiences with Trailhead trails and modules to help you get the most out of your Trailhead time. In this review, Typer Cranden, Sales Development Representative at Internet Creations, provides his perspective on the Learn CRM Essentials trail. For our previous review, click here.

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As a new sales development representative, I needed something to give me a strong base of knowledge to build upon. Salesforce Trailhead seemed like the best place to begin.

For people like me who are new to Salesforce and CRM, it is important to have a way to learn about CRM without being overwhelmed with information. The Learn CRM Essentials trail finds this balance and presents it to us in a fun and exciting way.

The Learn CRM Essentials Trail

The trail consists of four modules: CRM Basics, Accounts & Contacts, Leads & Opportunities, and Service Cloud Basics. I chose to approach the modules in the order they are presented.

trailhead CRM essentials modules

The trail consists of four CRM-centric modules.


CRM Basics gives a general overview of what Salesforce is and the value it provides. This is an appropriate place to start because in order to understand the finer details, you must first understand why companies should use Salesforce.

The Accounts & Contacts module digs a little bit deeper into the features of Salesforce and builds on what I learned in the previous module. Almost everything you do in Salesforce involves accounts and contacts, so it is important to understand what each is and the relationship between the two. The module includes helpful screenshots and an interactive challenge to give the user a comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

trailhead CRM essentials challenge

Interactive challenges give you a comprehensive understanding of the concepts.


Next is the Leads & Opportunities module.  As a member of the sales team, this was the most interesting module to me. This section introduces us to the customizable sales process in Salesforce. I was very impressed by the video provided, and the step-by-step instructions on how to set up opportunity stages, and a sales process in the CRM.

The final module in this introductory trail is Service Cloud Basics. To me, this was the most challenging out of the four. This section goes over the many ways support teams can use Salesforce to improve their productivity.

While I personally will not be handling support cases in my daily work, it is still important to understand how to. If I, as a salesperson, am able to understand what support representatives do every day, I will be able to be more effective in my work. And that goes for anyone in any company. If you have a comprehensive understanding of the business as a whole, you will perform more efficiently in your role.

Bottom Line: Since going through the Learn CRM Essentials trail, I have moved on to a few other trails Salesforce has to offer. Overall, the Learn CRM Essentials trail provides a great introduction to the world of Salesforce. Anyone who is new to the CRM and wants to begin learning needs to look here first.

Ready to learn more? Check out our other Trailhead reviews, or try out the Learn CRM Essentials trail for yourself!

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