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Salesforce Service Surfboard Award 2014

On October 15th, 2014 at Dreamforce ‘14, Internet Creations was honored at the first Salesforce Service Surfboard Award ceremony. created this award to “recognize the amazing ways in which Salesforce customers are transforming their businesses with outstanding customer service.” From more than 100 nominations, selected 20 category winners.



Internet Creations was awarded the Salesforce Service Surfboard Award in the First Responder category. “It was a privilege to stand next to both clients and other like-minded companies (such as Walgreens, KLM, Home Depot, Intuit, Coca Cola, and other great organizations) focused on delivering stellar customer service,” said Chad Meyer, CEO of Internet Creations.

This award is a recognition of the teamwork and commitment of the Internet Creations’ team to deliver world-class customer service. “We continue to exceed customer service expectations as a result of our amazing employees, our customer-centric culture, Salesforce, and the apps built we on the platform, including Email to Case Premium, Case Flags, and Simple Survey for Salesforce,” says Anthony Pica, Director of Marketing at Internet Creations.

While investing in the right technology such as Salesforce is important, it is also critical to develop a sound business process that fuels great customer service. Bill Gates once said very eloquently, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Listening to your customers is critical and being receptive to customer feedback can provide great learning opportunities as well as a means to strengthen your business. Read 5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Listening to Your Customers, And Two Ways to Start Today for more insight.

Elicit constructive feedback, provide your agents with technology that enables them to be rockstars, and celebrate customer satisfaction… If you do these three things, your customer service team will be an award winning operation too!

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