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Happy Case Flags day! (New Release Update)

Case Flags Salesforce

Case Flags Day

Tomorrow is Flag Day in the United States, a day to celebrate the adoption of the US national flag.

Today is Case Flags Day globally! It’s a day to remember that your customers deserve timely responses to their inquiries. World-class service operations everywhere use Case Flags to monitor response times in Salesforce and uphold important SLAs.

What better a day to release a new version of Case Flags for Salesforce than today? The latest version is now available on the AppExchange.

So, what’s new in Case Flags?

  • Sample Reports and Dashboards have been added to measure Case lifecycle metrics organization-wide and by Owner for both current Cases and Case Flags History Tracking.

Case Flags Dashboards

  • With Case Flags History Tracking, you gain valuable insights like…

    • Time with customer vs. time with support

    • Where bottlenecks exist in your customer service organization

    • How to improve “time to resolution” (velocity)

  • Anticipate the future with Case Flags Escalation timestamps. Fields have been added to indicate when the hours lapsed on a case will exceed each flag level. This enables administrators to act ahead and create forward-looking workflow automation at those times.

Review the official Release Notes and Documentation for more information.

Register below to attend our Case Flags Release Webinar on Thursday, June 19th at 2PM ET to see the new features live and get answers to any questions you may have.


To Upgrade/Install now, visit the AppExchange.

To celebrate we enjoyed some delicious “Case Cakes”, here’s a few photos: