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4 Ways to Increase Survey Response Rates

Simple Survey

Ensuring your customers are always happy and measuring customer satisfaction (CSat) is crucial to the success of any business. You already know who your most profitable customers are: the ones that provide recurring revenue and help grow your customer base through word of mouth. Opposite are the dissatisfied customers that will often reach out to negatively influence other prospects, and we all know these comments can spread like wildfire nowadays.

[quote]In customer service, quality and reaction time are critical. No organization delivers perfect customer satisfaction 100% of the time, but every organization should strive to.  – Chad Meyer, CEO Internet Creations[/quote] A powerful way to increase customer satisfaction, continuously turn customers into brand ambassadors, and easily track your progress is by conducting CSat surveys.

Why Surveys?

If done properly, the information gathered from a CSat survey can be invaluable for developing exceptional customer service, increasing customer loyalty, and identifying issues with your support staff you may not be aware of.

One of the biggest problems most organizations face when conducting this type of survey is low response rates. Response rates can depend on a variety of factors such as length, wording, customer loyalty, and the perceived benefit from participating in the survey.

So how can you really maximize the response rate you receive? Here are 4 factors to keep in mind when conducting CSat surveys:

1. Keep it short
Research conducted by Zoomerang has shown that surveys should take 5 minutes or less to complete. Here at Internet Creations, we believe a survey should take only seconds, thus resulting in higher than usual response rates.

2. Be Transparent
Customers love when you offer the opportunity to see results. Try publicly displaying your CSat average on your website or send a thank you email immediately after a survey is submitted containing this information.

3. Take Action
If respondents believe that participating in a survey will actually result in improvements being made, response rates will likely increase as will the quality of the feedback.

If we receive a sub par survey response, the customer’s account executive and the case owner’s manager are immediately alerted so they can begin to triage the issue. This is how we turn rants into raves. After all, one unsatisfied customer can send more business away than 10 satisfied customers.

4. Reporting
Make sure you take time to have weekly reports delivered to managers and reviewed at management meetings. Employee CSat survey averages are great to use in performance reviews, and even to encourage your reps to go above and beyond by offering incentives for high scores.

Simple Survey for Salesforce

Our R&D team took these best practices and developed a survey app for Salesforce so simple that your customers will actually take them! The Simple Survey app was engineered to be ridiculously easy to use and skyrocket response rates.

Simple Survey

With the Simple Survey app you will notice how easy it is to…

  • Receive higher than usual response rates with 1 click surveys
  • Generate service ratings and optionally request comments
  • Customize your survey with a branded email template and landing page with your logo
  • Track your progress in Salesforce with custom pre-made reports