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Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

I discovered Salesforce nearly a decade ago. The projects and people that make this a fulfilling community have defined what it means for me to do work that I love. For the past 5 years, that work has been with Internet Creations, first as an Account Executive, and now as Director of Professional Services. I’ve watched IC grow as a leader in the Salesforce consultancy and product development space, and my team along with it. This growth is no accident; it is the result of an employee-centric workplace driven by a common vision and shared value for the idea that perfect service is attainable. 

Perfect Service: The Infinite Game

If you’ve met me, you know I’m a Mets fan*.  In baseball, the idea of a perfect game is not just attainable, it is defined. No hits or walks – no runners allowed. In the world of Salesforce consulting, the variables are more often fluid. The game, the equipment, and the players are always changing.  

The IC Way: #27 Find a Way and #20 Be the Expert

Be the Expert and Find a Way

Tasked with coaching and mentoring the consultants and developers on my team, I fall back on these two fundamentals daily. The concept of expertise can seem as elusive as the concept of “perfect service” when you’re a Salesforce professional. With releases 3 times a year, plus the continual platform feature upgrades, all while you’re studying and earning new certifications – how do you stay ahead?

Some of the ways we define growth at IC are demonstrating confidence and humility, being both a teacher and student, and listening while leading. These topics are a focus of my weekly 1-on-1s, of IC’s internal training programs, and some of the ways we define growth and success at the company. 

Results matter. The result of our focus is delivering effective solutions, enabling smarter business practices and yielding internal and external services experiences that are scalable for growth. The result is improved customer experience for our customers and their customers. 

* A huge understatement but I’m going to limit how deep I’m going to dive into sports metaphors here.

The IC Team at NYC World Tour 2019

Come See What IC

My team is excited to share their perspectives with the wider Salesforce ecosystem in this new series, Projects We’re Proud Of. We are inviting you to meet the wizards behind the curtain. See the talent, the learning, and the outcomes that define this great work we do, together:

  • Talent: Hear about what collaboration means at IC, from the team who is making it happen. 
  • Business Challenges: Learn about the breadth of business challenges we are working together to solve, as we leverage the capabilities (and build beyond the limitations) of Sales, Service, and Community Cloud. 
  • Tools and Tips: Gain access to the resources our team is utilizing, and read about lessons learned along the way. Hop over to Trailhead directly from the story to tackle your own learning. 
  • Results: Take a look at the solutions we are designing and implementing as well as the business impact to our customers.

Project #1: Collaborating To Build Salesforce Communities

A leader in B2B video content management, was looking for a solution to increase adoption of their online support portal and reduce case volume with self-service functionality. Learn about how IC’s in-house declarative and development pros collaborated with UX Design to deliver a connected self-service experience on Commmunity Cloud. Now customers can find answers fast.

  1. Read the Story
  2. Watch Video

Project #2: Delivering a Premium Customer Experience Package with Community Cloud

O.Berk’s marketing team realized they were experiencing a decrease in user engagement. The outdated design led to high bounce rates. Additionally, there was excessive back and forth between account executives and customers. This highlighted a shortcoming where the website did not invite collaboration. Monica Giragosian, Salesforce Developer ( read: “Skills on Pointe“), jumped out of her comfort zone and right into into her first PS project to program new “Project” (wishlist) functionality for O.Berk’s customers. IC’s technical team partnered with Project Manager Reshma Shahade, to deliver customer experience enhancing functionality that has increased lead generation as well as customer collaboration with O.Berk Account Excecutives.

  1. Read the Story (coming soon!)
  2. Watch the Video

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Dan Leibowitz
Dan Leibowitz
Dan Leibowitz
Dan Leibowitz is the Director of Professional Services with Internet Creations.