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The 6 Best Features for Customized Productivity in Salesforce Lightning 

Productivity in Salesforce Lightning

Productivity in Salesforce Lightning

One of the major benefits of moving to Salesforce Lightning is increased productivity. There is no doubt Lightning Experience increases productivity when compared to Classic, whether it’s drag and drop configuration of components on page layout, enhanced dashboards, or the new Assistant. In fact, Lightning Experience users see a 41% increase in productivity.

The true magic behind the power of Lightning Experience (LEX) is the customization. Salesforce can now be a bespoke experience tailored to the way your employees interact. This customized experience increases productivity and adoption resulting in a greater ROI on your Salesforce investment. Because when something’s easier to use, why wouldn’t you?

Let’s explore a few ways to have customized productivity in your Salesforce environment:

Object-Based Path – As of the Spring ’18 Release, Salesforce enabled Path is available on the majority of standard objects (as well as custom objects). What does this mean for you? You are guided through the different stages of a case so you can close faster. Salesforce takes you step-by-step so you don’t miss a beat and customers get even better service.
Pro Tip – Path supports record types. Customize customize customize!  

Page layouts by role – Page layouts help you work smarter. With the most important information right in front of you, you can get right to business. They work like Legos in Salesforce, you can combine components on page layouts in any way that you like, and know that they will always fit (just like Lego bricks). It’s customization the way that you work in Salesforce.
Pro Tip – Consider having the same right sidebar view for all users in a specific role, to promote consistency. For example, if internal collaboration is paramount, make sure Chatter is the default component in the right sidebar.

Homepage by role – Your home page is so much more powerful in LEX than in Classic. Start the day seeing the most relevant information to you and end your day with Salesforce knowing exactly what’s on your plate for the next day. It is also one of the best examples of using components. Drag and drop what you need to see based on your role and save yourself time searching the most important things.

Favorites – They’re here! Unlike the “Follow’ feature, you can easily access your favorites anywhere you go in Salesforce. Say “so long!” to searching for a record or group or case. You might not even know you missed it, but moving forward, you’ll never know how you lived without it.

Chatter Stream – Choose the Chatter feeds that matter to you. With Chatter Streams, combine Chatter from your top 5 largest deals, 3 priority cases, or all Projects that you are managing. Get quick access to the conversations about the work that is important to you.

Bonus for Sales Teams:

Assistant – A component that lives on your Homepage, Assistant surfaces leads assigned to you, opportunities with no activity in 30 days, and opportunities past closed dates, among others. Drawing awareness to the leads and opportunities that need your attention the most helps you make better decisions on who to reach out to and when, driving more sales for your organization.

Lightning lets YOU decide how you spend your workday. Put the most important items front and center, and make your day more productive.

Looking to make the switch to Lightning and have more questions? Shoot us a note. We’re happy to help! 

George Guhr
George Guhr
George Guhr
George is a Saleforce Lightning Champion and Head of Sales at Internet Creations.