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By Marketing Its Marketing App, Bizible Increases Lead Generation and Pipeline Opportunities


Bizible, a successful marketing analytics company based in Seattle, helps clients to make winning marketing decisions by integrating data from both online marketing channels (including AdWords) and offline channels. The company relies on its paid Salesforce AppExchange app, B2B Marketing Attribution, to attract new customer prospects. The strategy works because marketing professionals who use Bizible’s solutions are able to both maximize profits and accelerate growth.  Of course, like any great marketing company, the app is only one tool in Bizible’s marketing outreach toolbox.

Bizible’s director of marketing Dave Rigotti says his company’s comprehensive marketing approach (online and offline) results in quality lead generation. However, he wanted to increase inbound leads from the company’s prospective B2B client base. To that end, Bizible partnered with Internet Creations to develop two free apps that would be lead generation tools for the paid app. Lead Source Funnel and Campaign Funnel are the two free appropriately named apps designed to “funnel” paid app prospects to Bizible’s sales team. In only a month on the AppExchange, Mr. Rigotti said the “free apps have generated over 150 leads and over $100K in pipeline.”

Mr. Rigotti said he believes Internet Creations saved Bizible “a lot of hours and money” by not only doing a great job on the project, but by ushering the free apps efficiently through the Salesforce AppExchange Security Review. “Internet Creations put a lot of effort into making something great up front. It wasn’t a small undertaking to make these apps and we hope it will continue generating leads for years to come,” the marketing director said.

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