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Summer ’15 Release: Case Merge Premium Enhancements

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The Summer ’15 upgrade for Case Merge Premium is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

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What’s new in this release

The Summer ’15 release for Case Merge Premium includes new features to help you manage and merge your cases more effectively than ever! Now you can:

  • Control how many duplicates you see. The Find Duplicates page now supports pagination and the ability to determine the number of results displayed on each page.
  • Know when your merges don’t succeed. Administrators can configure Case Merge Premium to halt merges and display a message when an error occurs, such as when a validation rule is not met.
  • Retain the whole message. Child email message attachments are now cloned to the parent case after a merge has been completed.

How to upgrade

To upgrade right now, simply visit the Case Merge Premium AppExchange listing and click Get it Now—just like a fresh installation.  Learn more about how to upgrade.

Note: If you’d prefer push upgrades, they are already in progress for Case Merge Premium.  Sandbox environments were automatically upgraded this past Tuesday, August 11, and the upgrades will be in Production on Tuesday, September 1 at 05:00 UTC.

Reminder: Please test in your Sandbox environment before the Production upgrade occurs on September 1. Read more about Automatic Upgrades and Minor Updates.

About Case Merge Premium

Case Merge Premium helps Salesforce users minimize duplicate cases and keep their cases easier to manage. No more wasted time closing out duplicate cases! Simply Find Duplicate cases and Merge them together using Case Merge Premium. Click here to it out for free on the AppExchange!

Want more information?

More information on additional improvements and bug fixes can be found in the Case Merge Premium Release Notes and Documentation.