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3 Tips for Passing the Salesforce Pardot Consultant Exam

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Want this badge? Become a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant.

Working on the marketing team at Salesforce consulting partner Internet Creations, I was extremely excited when Salesforce released the Certified Pardot Consultant exam. Having certified individuals on staff is a key indicator of expertise when you are evaluating consulting partners, and with the recent rise of marketing automation, we have been seeing more organizations prefer experts who have Pardot Consultant credentials.

What can you expect?

The Certified Pardot Consultant exam, similar to any Salesforce certification exam, is taken via webassessor online or in a classroom. There are 60 multiple-choice questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete the exam. You must get at least a 70% to pass. You can’t use any reference materials during the exam.

Not sure where to begin when prepping for the exam? These three tips for passing the Pardot Consultant exam can help you get started.

1. Know what to study (and how much)!

The biggest issue I ran into when beginning to study was the lack of resources available. (This may have been because the exam had just been introduced.) Luckily, Pardot released a 30-day certification prep program and study guide that provides a fairly accurate outline of what is covered on the test.

I recommend signing up for the prep program and utilizing the Pardot Knowledge Base when searching for the topics mentioned in the study guide. From my experience, it will be difficult to pass if you only go through the 30-day prep program.

Areas I would focus more time on include:

  • Third-Party Connectors (Webinar & Social)
  • Drip Programs
  • Completion Actions, Segmentation Rules, and Automation Rules
  • Spam Filters
  • Action Icons
  • Email Deliverability

2. Know the types of questions you will have to answer.
This exam covers more than just knowing Pardot functionality and how to perform tasks. Be prepared to answer questions that require general marketing automation knowledge.

The study guide helps, but you need to dig deeper within each topic to be able to answer questions about more than just the overall concept. (Note: Read an entire Knowledge Base article, not just the overview.) You can expect to answer questions where you have to determine an outcome based on certain actions given.

3. Know what the questions are asking.
As with any Salesforce certification exam, the wording can be tricky. Read through each question carefully and mark the ones you are not sure about for review!

The Certified Pardot Consultant exam can be difficult, but gaining the credential can give you a significant advantage over other marketing automation professionals. Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance to pass.

Have you taken the Certified Pardot Consultant exam? Are you preparing for the exam now? Share your tips in the comments!