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Our Favorite Features in the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release

Salesforce Summer 15

Salesforce Summer '15With the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release notes officially out and sandbox upgrades around the corner, our team is busy reviewing and preparing for some exciting new features. After soliciting feedback from my colleagues on their favorite delivered ideas, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming features we are looking forward to.

Dan Leibowitz
Data Loader for Mac

“As a mac user for the past 4 years, I have always had to use a PC when doing data migrations. Demand Tools does not have a Mac version, and LexiLoader worked some of the time. It is great that Salesforce has finally given Mac users an official way to manage data!”

George Guhr
Convert Lead to Contact (GA) for Salesforce1 Mobile

“One of the most useful Salesforce1 Mobile enhancements to come out with Summer 15 is Lead to Contact conversion. Sales reps on the go (or by the water cooler) can now convert qualified Leads to Contacts, AND create Accounts during the conversion process. Fellow sales reps can now collaborate through Chatter on the Account, not just the Lead. Super helpful!

At Internet Creations we have workflows that will only fire if a contact exists. Up to this point I had to log in through a browser to convert a Lead to a Contact to kick off the workflows. Now I’ll be able to do this seamlessly from Salesforce1 Mobile, which gives me more time to perform high value tasks!”

Chris Ferraro
Custom Metadata Types

“As a Salesforce ISV partner that provides a number of Native AppExchange apps, we rely heavily on Custom Settings to store application configuration. However, during fresh installs Custom Setting records do not exist so we have to rely on various workarounds to store default configuration data. Configuration data is something that makes sense to package with an application and now we can! Additionally, configuration data stored in this manner can be moved via Change Sets making deployment of custom Salesforce applications easier and faster than ever!”

Paul Guerra
Formula option for Workflow Field Updates

“I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve created a workflow rule to dynamically populate a picklist, and found that it required a rule for each picklist value. With the new formula option for workflow field updates, we can use conditional statements to determine the picklist values. I can now combine multiple workflow rules into one! This will decrease maintenance time, and more important, lessen the hair-pulling I endure while sorting through my jungle of poorly named rules.”

Stephen Wood
Chatter feeds being reportable

“I want our Partner Community to be a very collaborative environment. Being able to report on the Chatter feeds within this community will allow for better tracking of growth and engagement, easy viewing of content uploads/downloads, and tracking of questions and their responses. Obtaining this type of information before would require tedious amounts of observation; having these metrics easily available will help foster a synergetic community.”

Ben Ortiz
Conference Multiple Agents into Chats

“This was one of the most-requested enhancements to Live Agent. If an agent needs extra help solving a customer’s problem, they will no longer be left out to dry. The agent can now invite additional agents to join the chat without disrupting the flow of the conversation.”

Michelle Stevens
Editing Chatter Posts

“Finally! A simple idea. How nice that our grammatical and spelling errors are no longer permanent.”

What feature are you looking forward to the most in the Summer ‘15 release? Leave a comment below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @icsfdc.