Internet Creations Labs - Free Apps for Salesforce

Announcing Internet Creations Labs – Free apps for Salesforce

Internet Creations Labs

Internet Creations Labs

Here at Internet Creations we are continuously building custom add-ons to enhance the standard functionality within Salesforce. This in turn helps us save clicks, operate more efficiently, and increase employee productivity. We would like to give back to the Salesforce community and let everyone experience these great time-saving apps inside their own organization.

Today we are happy to announce the opening of Internet Creations Labs, a collection of free apps for Salesforce created by our R&D team. These apps include features such as:

  • Take Ownership of a Case in 1 click
  • Automatically track changes to a Contact’s Account and Title
  • Check the Send Email Notification box by default when changing lead owner
  • An enhanced Change Ownership page
  • & More!

We hope you enjoy all of our free apps and remember to check back frequently as we will continue to add additional apps to the collection.

Do you have a suggestion or idea for an add-on? We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

[box type=”info”]Many of our lab apps are not supported and are intended to be implemented by seasoned Salesforce Administrators or Developers. For a list of apps that we fully support, please visit our apps page.[/box]