Email to Case Premium v3.36 now available

Email to Case Premium v3.38 now available on the AppExchange

Thanks to your continuous feedback and support, the highest rated app for agent productivity on the AppExchange is now better than ever! The latest version includes bug fixes, improvements, and the following new features:

Faster handling of additional To, CC, and BCC Recipients

  • Quickly add new email recipients on the fly using type-ahead search! See below:

Enhancements to Merge Fields and Canned Comments

  • Merge fields in Canned Comments now support the active user. For example, put the merge field {$CurrentUser} at the bottom of a Canned Comment and the comment will automatically include the rep’s name in the signature.
  • Canned Comments now also support a new merge field to include links to Public Knowledge Base articles.
  • You can now include the Title and Details of related Solutions in Canned Comments.

Email Distribution

  • The brand new Email Distribution add-on is now generally available! This frequently requested add-on allows users and contacts to “close the loop” via email without having to log in to Salesforce. A classic use case is to respond to customers from a mobile device, while capturing the response in Salesforce and not exposing the rep’s personal email address.

Customizable Buttons on New Comment Page

  • Using the new “Comment Actions” feature, you can build your own custom buttons that take users to a specified URL after they save a new Comment. For example, we added a new button that saves the Comment, sends the Comment via email, and then closes the Case. Three actions in one button!

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