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Be the Expert: Inspire Confidence as a Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant

Are you building up your Salesforce cred with new certifications? As a learning organization, IC’s consulting team is always looking for what’s next to master on the platform, and Salesforce certifications demonstrate a good understanding of best practices and functionality for the major clouds (Sales, Service, Community, Marketing). Studying for a certification is also a great way to plug holes in your platform knowledge. 

Why Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud offers a solution to build customer advocacy and enhance the customer experience. As customer expectations increase, more companies are looking to make personalized self-help resources available online—including peer forums and product roadmaps. This creates an opportunity for Salesforce Consultants to introduce Community Cloud as a means to exceed customer expectations. 

Salesforce Community Cloud can be a means to exceed customer expectations

If you want to Be the Expert on Community Cloud, you’ll need to walk the talk. Perhaps, like some of our folks, you are already working on Communities projects and you want to be sure you are offering the smartest solutions and practices. If so, earning your certification is a great way to inspire self-confidence as you continue your Salesforce learning journey.

Think you’ve got what it takes to earn your Community Cloud Consultant certification? Get started here! We’ve pulled together a few tips and resources for passing the Community Cloud Consultant exam, shared by members of our professional services team:

Do This First: Prerequisites (per Salesforce)

  • Candidates should be able to implement and consult on Salesforce Communities applications in a customer-facing role
  • You’ll need your Administrator Certification before earning Community Cloud credentials

Focus on What’s Relevant

We asked for exam “gotchas” and what to look out for, here are a few points the team shared:

  • Focus on Knowledge Base: A common use case for Communities is Knowledge Base 
  • Understand Licenses Types: What type of license works best for various use cases 
  • Memorize Administration Settings: Knowledge of the navigation to find different settings in the community, as well as the exact names of each setting, are expected of certification candidates  

Be Prepared 

Here are a few tools the IC Trailblazers leveraged to train for the big day:

  • Visit Focus on Force Check out their Study Guide and Practice Exams
  • Hands-on learner? One of our Consultants made her own test community in her dev org to play around with different features
  • Review Salesforce’s Exam Guide and fill in the blanks for each technical item on the outline. Making flashcards can be helpful for solidifying knowledge or identifying gaps in areas to focus more attention on
  • Visit Trailhead Academy’s Trailmix: Get Started with Communities Prework
  • Check the Trailhead events calendar for certification prep webinars  
  • Research more tips on what to expect: Blogs like SalesforceBen offer additional tips and perspectives on the certification experience  

Reap the Rewards! 

Salesforce Consultants will benefit from earning their Community Cloud Consultant Certification in various ways. Most notably, our team shared that it has enabled them to work on more progressive projects. Each had been assigned new Service Cloud and Community Cloud projects or discovery sessions, and dove in to tackle those business challenges with a whole new level of confidence. 

Visit IC’s blog for regularly for Salesforce updates, tips and tricks to enhance your #awesomeadmin game! Looking to level-up your Salesforce career? View our latest openings here

Check out our webinar on “Reducing Friction with Community Cloud” led by 8x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Liz Gibbons and Sr. UX Designer, Christina Christ.

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