Yes, Your Salesforce Community Can Do That

Presentation: Yes, You *Can* Do That with Salesforce Community Cloud

Community Cloud expert Liz Gibbons demonstrated the power of Salesforce Community Cloud. During her presentation, Liz discussed:

  • The flexibility of out-of-the-box templates like Customer Service (formerly Napili)
  • The benefits of using clicks, not code
  • Salesforce limitations that require custom code
  • How to extend Salesforce communities with components from AppExchange
  • Her favorite features such as audience targeting


About Liz Gibbons

Liz Gibbons got her start in Salesforce after finishing her master’s degree in Library and Information Science. After a decline in the need for librarians, she decided to switch directions and started working for a small non-profit that needed a data master. Liz taught herself how to use Salesforce by watching a lot of Dreamforce videos before the days of Trailhead. To her dad she’s a technology magician, and to the Salesforce Ohana she’s a 5x Salesforce Certified Consultant and Community Cloud Expert who works with companies to implement creative solutions for Salesforce. In her spare time, Liz is an avid rock climber, a “Friend of the Pod”, and is fluent in Latin and Ancient Greek. Someday she’ll learn to speak a modern language.





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