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Celebrating Customer Experience: Top Responses from the #CXDay Twitter Chat

internet creations customer experience day

At Internet Creations, we believe in celebrating our customers and providing them with a great experience every day. After all, our success is measured by that of our customers. So we were thrilled to join CX professionals around the world to take part in the festivities of a day dedicated to Customer Experience.


internet creations customer experience day

Sponsored by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Customer Experience Day (CX Day) celebrates the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers.

To mark #CXDay, Internet Creations participated in a Twitter Chat moderated by Lynn Hunsacker, Customer Experience ROI Strategist, ClearActionCX and the CEPA. Here are the questions with some of our favorite answers:

Q1. What are you most excited about for CX Day?

Q2. What are some easy ways to participate in CX Day?

Q3. What are some ways to extend CX Day value beyond this day?

Q4. How do you involve different functional areas in CX Day?

Q5. How do you show appreciation to your customers on CX Day?

Q6. How do you spotlight good CX providers among those you buy from?

Q7. How can CX Day increase appreciation for and maturity of the CX profession?

How are you celebrating CX Day?