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Fun, Food, and Fire at the Internet Creations Company Barbecue [Event Recap + Video]

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How often do you hear about employees hanging out in their CEO’s backyard, savoring delicious food, and splashing down a massive inflatable water slide? Welcome to the Internet Creations company barbecue.

Earlier this month, our CEO Chad Meyer opened his home and beautiful backyard to all Internet Creations employees and their families. Whether you were trying out the water slide, swinging (and missing) at wiffle ball, or simply wanted to kick back and relax, there was plenty of outdoor fun to go around. Check out the video below for highlights from the Internet Creations company barbecue:

Most importantly, my colleagues all agreed that the company barbecue provided us with the perfect opportunity to spend time together outside of work:

“How cool is it that we had custom cups for the event and a water slide! The water slide was so much fun, I probably had more fun on it than the kids did!” –Stephanie Akin, Salesforce Admin/Business Analyst

“I had a great time. It’s wonderful to be part of a company that is considerate of not only their employees, but also their families. We had a lot of fun.” –George Guhr, Sales Manager

“Sun, waterslides, and all you can eat barbecue? Perfect day. Oh, and seeing my coworkers wasn’t too bad either!” –Jon Logerfo, Account Executive

And what barbecue would be complete without a little fire?

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Christina Christ
Christina Christ
Christina Christ
Christina is the Senior UX/UI Designer at Internet Creations