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Build Opportunities & Quotes Faster in Salesforce

New versions of Rapid Products and Create Opportunity & Quote are now available on the AppExchange. These updates will help you save even more time when building Opportunities & Quotes and allow for more flexibility with field sets. Upgrade or install today by visiting the AppExchange listing(s) and clicking the green Get it Now button.

New in Rapid Products:

  • Eliminate another click when building quotes by skipping the Select Price Book page in orgs where only one Pricebook exists.
  • Create multiple Field Sets to control field visibility. This introduces more flexibility for orgs with diverse field requirements on Quote & Opportunity lines.

Multiple Field Sets

  • When using type-ahead search, exact matches are placed at the top of the search results.

[box] Release Notes | Documentation | Upgrade Now [/box]


New in Create Opportunity & Quote:

  • Email, Fax, and Phone fields from the primary Contact record are now pre-populated for Quotes when the fields are included in the Create Opportunity & Quote Fields field set.
  • Quote creation is now optional.

[box] Release Notes | Documentation | Upgrade Now [/box]