Complete Cloud Adoption: Are We There Yet?

     In the past few decades, we’ve witnessed the business world transition from using things like printers, paper, and filing cabinets to cloud computing, e-signatures, and online file storage. Now, companies are ditching internal email and adopting systems like instant messaging programs, project management applications, and collaboration tools like Chatter. Articles are popping […]

Getting Salesforce Certified: Important or Unnecessary?

It’s a thought that has likely crossed the mind of anyone studying (or footing the bill) for Salesforce Training and Certification: is it truly significant? Administrators, developers, and consultants are encouraged to get cloud-certified, stating that the act of doing so will render them indispensable. Salesforce offers four tracks of learning and certification: Administrators can […]

New Release: Email to Case Premium v2.53

Thanks to feedback from our licensed and prospective users, we have rolled out a new and enhanced version of E2CP, the highest-rated app for service and support on the AppExchange. Our solution offers more intelligent handling of inbound Email to Case emails than the standard Email to Case offering from, and provides reps and […]