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New blog series: Cloud Chat

Whether by choice or through encouragement from your employers, you’ve decided to begin using Salesforce to improve the way your business does work. We understand how joining a network with millions of advanced users and administrators can make you feel as though you’re alone in a crowded room. There is no need to panic! The […]

Complete Cloud Adoption: Are We There Yet?

     In the past few decades, we’ve witnessed the business world transition from using things like printers, paper, and filing cabinets to cloud computing, e-signatures, and online file storage. Now, companies are ditching internal email and adopting systems like instant messaging programs, project management applications, and collaboration tools like Chatter. Articles are popping […]

Getting Salesforce Certified: Important or Unnecessary?

It’s a thought that has likely crossed the mind of anyone studying (or footing the bill) for Salesforce Training and Certification: is it truly significant? Administrators, developers, and consultants are encouraged to get cloud-certified, stating that the act of doing so will render them indispensable. Salesforce offers four tracks of learning and certification: Administrators can […]