3 Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks like WannaCry

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Most have heard that a potent malware threat has been recently discovered, called “WannaCry.” This type of malware is of the “CryptoLocker” variety — a virus that encrypts the files on your computer, and holds them as ransom (preventing you from accessing them) until you pay for a password to decrypt them. This specific malware […]

Improve your marketing campaign metrics with this free Salesforce app

Ask any marketer what their challenges are, and measuring campaign effectiveness will be in their top five. Salesforce automatically measures campaign influence on sales opportunities, but there’s a catch. At least one of the opportunity’s contact roles must be a campaign member, which means your users need to consistently add contacts and leads to campaigns. Campaign […]


The rise and fall—and rise again—of the Trusted Advisor

In the last few months of 2001, three professional services consultants—David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford—published a smallish, unassuming book called the Trusted Advisor. In it they come to a less than ground-shaking conclusion: that nobody can become successful in business unless they first gain the confidence of their clients. Not rocket science by […]


Prevent Identity Theft with a More Secure Password

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Your password is your first line of defense in securing your online presence. With the rise of identity theft and email hacking, your basic passwords no longer make the cut. Having a secure password will prevent attempts to compromise your accounts. Creating a secure password Experts suggest using a password that is at least 8 […]

Simple Survey

4 Ways Simple Survey Increases Response Rates

Capturing the voice of your customer is essential in delivering a better customer experience. Yet, despite all the work being put into your survey programs, your response rates are dwindling. Why? Because customers are increasingly reluctant to volunteer their time to participate in your research. Think about it. How many times have you, yourself, received […]

Phishing Attack

3 Tips to Arm Yourself From Phishing Scams

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Phishing is one of the most dangerous and compromising scams on the Internet. “Phishing” refers to an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as your login credentials or passwords by pretending to be a trustworthy source such as your bank or email provider. The anatomy of a phishing email is simple: a service you may […]