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Set Service Teams up for Success: 3 Ways Global Teams can Improve Support Delivery with Salesforce

Do more with less. As employees become stretched in every facet of day-to-day life, teams are focused on making the most out of what they have to work with. Customer support, retention, and satisfaction has never been more critical for business success. The communication tools an agent uses can enable a greater positive impact and experience for the customer, while making high support volume more manageable for a support team.

In fact, Gartner reports that “When customer service reps feel the systems or tools they use enhance their ability to handle customer issues and simplify their day-to-day work, their productivity can increase by up to 20%, customer satisfaction increases by 11% and customer effort decreases by 9%.”

How are Service Cloud users maximizing the investment on Salesforce to facilitate greater customer success and stronger CSAT scores? What are the best methods and tools for keeping agents engaged and effective?

Here are 3 ways to enable superior service delivery throughout your organization:

1. Implement Time Savers that Cultivate Communications Efficiency

One of the leading causes of delayed time to case resolution and negative customer experience is miscommunication or missing information among agents. More service teams are saving time by leveraging the Email to Case Premium (E2CP) App, and specifically, by broadcasting critical support updates to customers with its Widespread Issue communication functionality. The canned comments feature is enabling better communication, as it goes beyond Quick Text replies. Canned comments are editable with rich-text, enable inline images & links as well as default file attachments, and offer a simpler maintenance without needing to create hundreds of email templates.

2. Integrate Dynamic Processes to Meet Global Business Needs

A solution or process that works well for one business unit, may not be optimal for another unit in your organization. Enabling flexible support processes for business units with differing needs is critical in setting your teams up for success.
Enabling easier ways to prioritize helps. The Case Flags app offers different SLA timing based on record types, field values, specific statuses and VIP accounts. It also answers the simple question: “What should I work on next?”, and does this at scale across the entire support team.

Case Flags Utility Bar component

3. Clear a Path to Service Excellence

Cluttered case information and duplicate cases distract service agents from supporting customers. Streamlining information in an easy to digest format will make it easier for support teams to help customers in a knowledgeable and confident manner. 

E2CP offers the Timeline lightning component which shows a clean chronological order of the activity on the case and provides a one-stop-shop for case review, allowing your agents to get a comprehensive view of case history and take swift action to resolve customer issues.

Additionally Case Merge Premium’s Duplicate Detector resolves duplicate cases fast, making space for agents to deliver service excellence.

Case Merge Premium’s Duplicate Detector

Do you want more use cases and actionable takeaways that you can use to innovate the way your company delivers service? Learn how world-class service teams can get more out of Salesforce and Service Cloud in the following webinar.

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Joseph Reale
Joseph Reale
Joseph is a Product Manager at Internet Creations overseeing the Email to Case Premium, Case Flags and Signature Slayer apps. He has been a member of IC's product team for 6 years.