IC Spotlight: Stephanie Akin—the unexpected Salesforce star

Stephanie Akin, Salesforce Business Analyst

From the tropical beaches of Puerto Rico to the much snowier shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York, Stephanie Akin has roamed far and wide.

Now she, her husband, and her fluff-ball dog live in sunny San Francisco. It’s a compromise, perhaps, between the Caribbean and the Canadian border, but that doesn’t stop her from bringing her talents to Internet Creations.

And while she admits she fell into our world, we’re no less happy to have her as a Salesforce consultant.

“I wasn’t looking for [this career]. It just kind of came to me, and it was one of those things where I learned Salesforce, and just loved it. It was easy to use for me, so it kind of stuck.”

How did that happen?

Here’s the short version: Army wife finds herself stationed at Fort Drum in Watertown, NY, with no real idea of what she wants to do. A chance encounter leads to a tech support position that starts with a solid month of Salesforce training. Stephanie discovers she’s a natural, and a star is born.

Unexpected for a woman who wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up—and who studied to be a pharmacist before radically shifting gears and graduating with a Communications degree.

We’re not complaining, however. As we’ve already said, Stephanie’s move to Salesforce ended up as nothing but good news for Internet Creations.

This from Howard Yermish, our Director of Customer Success: “I’ve been lucky to get to collaborate with Stephanie while working for our AppExchange customers. Not only does she do a great job of giving guidance and suggesting improvements for how our products can handle specific use cases, but she has so much enthusiasm that everyone seems to be smiling ear to ear, even through the phone.”

Her passion is infectious, but let’s be clear—she’s a “personality” second, and an incredible business analyst first. The pharmacy world may have lost a pill dispenser, but the Salesforce world gained a truly gifted “process detective.” (Besides, she hasn’t given up on chemistry—for fun, she brews homemade Kombucha.)

“Sometimes customers are frustrated,” she says. “And sometimes they’re not the biggest Salesforce champions. But to win those people over by finding out the nitty gritty little things that are bothering them—and then helping them with what I know about Salesforce—is fabulous. Whether it’s creating an extra field, or building crazy complex workflows that send off five different emails and actions, or referring the issue to our awesome developer team, I’ll do it.”

“Because I just love it. My clients’ happiness makes me happy. And I think that’s the number one reason my job is so enjoyable. Because it’s great being able to show somebody and say, “Remember that super complicated process we discussed? Well I did this, and now it’s three clicks, and everything you wanted happens automatically. Problem solved.

“And when I hear ‘Oh, my gosh, that’s so awesome’…

“That’s what I live for.”

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