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IC Spotlight: Meet Joe Reale, Product Manager

Joe Reale Spotlight

If you’ve ever made a feature request in the hopes that we could get your favorite app “juuuust right,” then welcome to the world of Joe Reale. Joe is our Product Manager, which means—among other things—he watches over the Internet Creations community, looking to spot the great ideas that you and other Salesforce users vote to the top of the list.

Make no mistake: we have a talented team of developers who actually write the code that powers our apps, and Joe would be the first to tell you he doesn’t know much about that side of the business. But when it comes to understanding how you use those apps, and what you need from them in the future, nobody’s better.

The reason is simple—Joe gets a great deal of job satisfaction from simply talking to people. (Which is good news, considering he also spends a lot of his time handling customer service and support.)

Curiously, Joe spends his free time pursuing more solitary hobbies like golf and cooking—although he’s currently in love with tennis.

“When you get to know Joe,” says Anthony Pica, Director of Marketing at IC, “you’ll realize that makes sense. Tennis is an individual sport that’s about becoming a better version of yourself, but it’s also very cooperative and collaborative. After all, you can’t play unless you have a partner. In a way, that’s a lot like our work environment, where you’re “bouncing” ideas back and forth and empathizing with customers and co-workers to predict their needs.”

Maybe that’s why Joe gets so much enjoyment from his other main function at Internet Creations—helping solve customer problems by doing exactly that kind of bouncing.

“Just finding the solution is a rewarding experience for me,” Joe says. “When I’m working on a case, struggling to find the root cause of an issue, it’s so rewarding to be able to finally say ‘Hey, we’re going to go ahead and fix that for you and include it in the next release.’”

And our customers appreciate him for it—at least if the comments we receive are any indication. “My favorite ones,” Joe says, “are the emails that say ‘Joe’s great. Pay him more’.”

OK, Joe. Message received.

Howard Yermish
Howard Yermish
Howard Yermish
In addition to his responsibilities as the Director of Product at Internet Creations, he is a seasoned presenter/speaker, an avid photographer, music composer and all around groovy human. Howard is a member of the Lightning Champions program.